No second shooter? How to make the most of your wedding photography experience

So, you’ve decided not to splurge and hire a second photographer for your big day, and that’s okay. There are things that you can do to make your wedding photography experience special without a second shooter.


Make a timeline together with your photographer

Something that makes it possible to not have a second shooter and still get all of those candid getting ready shots of both the bride and the groom is coordinating a timeline with your photographer. If you coordinate the timeline right, you can have the lead photographer capturing the bride and bridesmaids, take a break and jump over to the groom and groomsmen, and then back to the bride again, all without missing much.

Consider a first look

Having a first look not only gives you another set of images to look back on, but it takes pressure off of the lead photographer and getting the down the aisle shots. It is vastly difficult to capture the bride coming down the aisle and the groom’s reaction without having a second shooter, so to have already seen each other and capturing that moment - when you are alone - is definitely worth considering.

Invite your guests to download The Guest app

The Guest app is a photo sharing app for your guests to use to share photos with you! The lead photographer will be taking many photos focusing on you, but The Guest app allows you to have photos of your friends and family as well. I definitely recommend it, even if you have a second shooter!

Hire your photographer for less time - and add a second shooter

Perhaps you don’t need hours of dance floor coverage. I mean yes it’s great to have a ton of dancing photos, but let’s face it: you probably won’t even look very closely at them when you get your gallery back. Consider hiring two photographers for a shorter amount of time. Even if you just hire a second shooter for the times where the lead photographer can’t be at two places at once, it will be worth it.