Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

Lindsay Rye


Hey! I’m Lindsay, and I own and operate Lindsay Rye Photography, LLC. I’m described as creative, intelligent, hard-working, passionate, flexible and fun - but that’s just what people say about me.

What led me to wedding photography?

This is the short story that every bride has nightmares about: I was disappointed in my wedding photos. I hired a friend of a friend, and though he was a great photographer, he specializes in product photography and landscapes, and my photos were less than spectacular. He struggled with posing and my husband and I didn’t even get intimate wedding portraits like I dreamed of my whole life. I had a history in graphic design and photography, so the day after I got my wedding gallery back, I decided, long story short: I don’t want any bride to feel how I felt. I started my business. Check out my post in the coming weeks about the long story.

Is photography my full-time job?

Actually, no! Right now I am a therapist working with college students. I also work with kids in a group setting in a treatment program for kids who struggle emotionally and behaviorally. I absolutely have a heart for helping people become the best version of themselves, and I love what I do.

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What do I do on a typical day off?

So, I have a puppy named Shea and he is my world. He is a mere 6 months old and he is a Cavapoo. I love to go for walks with Shea, take naps, drink coffee, and laugh with my husband. I also love to eat all the crazy recipes that my husband loves to cook!

Is your husband involved?

Great question! Yes, you will see Aaron at every wedding, carrying my gear, helping with posing, and other miscellaneous tasks that I need help with. Aaron also is sharpening his editing skills - so when wedding season gets crazy, he can help me out! We love working together and serving our couples as a team.